Awesomely Delicious: The iPhone Birthday Cake

iPhone Birthday Cake

iPhone Birthday Cake

If you’re an app developer, an iPhone lover, or simply an Apple fanboy (or fangirl), I have a feeling you’re going to approve of the iPhone birthday cake pictured above. Am I right, or am I right?

What you see here is the handy work of one very dedicated (and awesome) wife. Chris Samuels, an independent app developer had the cake you see above presented to him on his birthday by his lovely wife Cath. A big *high five* and *tip of the cap* to Cath on this one.

What I’m blown away by is the attention to detail here. I know a thing or two about baking (odd, I know), but I figure Cath must have whipped up a bunch of different colors of fondant to put together those lovely icons. And look at all the icons… the Phone, Messages, iPod, Facebook, Calendar and Mail icons are all there among others. Very cool.

Chris is one lucky dude… I wonder if Cath would make me one of these (or perhaps even an iPad cake!?) for my birthday? We’ve got lots of time to plan… my birthday isn’t until June! 🙂

iPhone Birthday Cake

[Via: TUAW]

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