Microsoft claims 3,000 Windows Phone Apps, 15,000 Developers

In a blog post to Windows Phone Developers, Microsoft’s Todd Brix said that their Marketplace will have 3,000 apps by the end of the week, made by more than 15,000 developers saying they’ll make apps for the platform (likely because there’s a fat wad of cash at the end of the rainbow). Promises of making an app is entirely different from actually making one; one in the hand is worth two in the bush, as they say, but those are still decent numbers considering Windows Phone has been out for a grand total of two weeks.

Despite all of the hardware manufacturers and carriers backing up the new platform, early device sales might not have been so great, but that may change in the long run if Microsoft can lure great developers. Even though Microsoft is starting from scratch, it may not take long before the Windows Phone Marketplace can compete with the webOS App Catalog, which boasts between 4,000 and 5,000 apps. However, now that Palm has HP’s big money behind them, they can throw cash at developers too, plus a tablet is likely to garner some interest.

Whatever the future holds for Windows phone, I present Crazy Steve’s Developers Song in honour of this milestone.

[via Windows Phone Developer Blog]

  • Trace

    Microsoft is giving us all kinds of statistics about Windows Phone 7. How many apps. How many developers. But Microsoft is too embarrassed to tell us how many users there are (obviously the platform has flopped).

    • Checker

      It’s strange that judgements are made so early

  • Bumer

    It is strange, but I know many iPhone and Android developers, many of them, but I don’t know not a single one Windows Phone 7 Developer.

    I am ex windows mobile developer (and Microsoft has left me out in cold), and if they are counting me as one of 15,000 developers, their count is wrong

  • I’m so love this blog, already bookmarked it! Thanks.

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