Notion Ink Adam site gains ‘features’ section, claims it isn’t a tablet

Like clockwork, the Notion Ink blog has been updated to give us more details on the upcoming Android tablet, the Adam. This time around we’re hearing more about the calendar application, new sections of the website, and what the company plans to be in the future.

While the calendar application on smartphones or tablets may not be the most fun, it’s still a rather important feature. We caught a glimpse of what’s to come with the calendar application for the Adam, and what do you know?  You can save dates and appointments! Apparently it only takes 6 taps to create an extremely detailed calendar event on the Adam, but we’re not really sure how impressive that actually sounds. We’re just going to have to see it in action before we form any real opinions, or any other snarky remarks. We’re just hoping that the overhauled calendar app on the Adam tablet still syncs with Google Calendar.

Likely one of the more interesting announcements is that the recently updated Notion Ink site has gained a new section, called Features, and it’s exactly what you think it is. The Features section highlights all of the great points of the Adam, and there are many. Here you’ll find a short description of the dual core NVIDIA Tegra2, the transflective display (Pixel Qi), 185 degree swivel camera, HDMI port, connectivity options, storage options, and Adobe Air and Flash support. Nothing we haven’t seen before, besides the Pixel Qi display, but we knew that was coming already. In either case, it’s just another way to get people pumped for this tablet.

Speaking of which, Notion Ink is claiming that the Adam isn’t a tablet, but rather is a sort of seed that the company is planting to make way for future projects. Of course the Adam is a tablet, but the way the blog puts it, it almost makes us not want to buy the thing and see what else they have up their sleeves. We already know an Adam 2 is on the drawing board, and  another device, named Eve, which we know very little about at the moment. Basically, Notion Ink wants to sell as many Adams as possible (obviously), then they want to continue their endeavors with more innovative products.

We know that the Notion Ink team has been working tirelessly on the software side of things for the Adam, but the only real feature that sets it apart from any other tablet (who can match its specs) is the Pixel Qi display. We imagine that we’ll find some more of these tablets coming in the near future as well, and when that happens, will the Adam look so fancy-pantsy?

We’re still not sure about that one, but guess we’re about to find out.

[Via: NotionInkBlog]

  • Gabe

    I think all of this Nicola Tesla references might be pointing to clues on what the “Bonus mystery feature ;)” will be. I’m surprised you don’t mention anything about the ending to Rohan’s blog and his rather candid admission to a little secret lying in the post that reveals an important detail on the Adam. I’m hoping the calendar date (at least month and day) don’t point to the release date in 2011 (it’s Tesla’s birthday) but I do think there may be something with the Tesla reference itself. He also brings up the movie The Prestige, which involves Nikola Tesla throughout the movie and his work with electricity.

    I’m taking a leap here, but I wonder if it might have anything to do with wireless electricity. Would be a wonderful addition to the Adam and certainly set it far ahead of any other tablet out there.


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the heads up. I did forget that the Prestige has Tesla in it. I’d imagine, if anything, we may see some sort of wireless charging? There’s also been mention of an NFC chip, but that doesn’t make sense in regards to tesla. Nonetheless, this is getting quite exciting.

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