The iPhone Quilt: There’s a Nap for That!

iPhone Quilt

iPhone Quilt

If your little one is in need of a nap, I’m sorry to say there’s no app for that… however, there IS a quilt for that!

The meticulously detailed (and lovingly stitched) iPhone quilt you see above was put together by Harriet Rosin for her new grandson. A mighty *tip of the cap* to Harriet for her hard work here, and a congratulations as well on the new addition to the family. The little guy sure does look content sleeping on the likeness of the iOS-powered device. I would be too… however, I doubt it’d look as cute. Probably just a whole lot of awkward with a little bit of lame.

I have a feeling the new grandson (Gabriel) is going to be the coolest kid on the block… I mean, do you know any other newborns with their own iPhone quilt!? Get outta here! When Gabriel grows up, is there any doubt that he’s going to be an iPhone user!?


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