Dell Venue Pro video makes Windows Phone 7 look oh so sexy

Of all the Windows Phone 7 devices that are available now, it seems the Dell Venue Pro has been the most unattainable. It’s not because the Venue Pro has been sold out or outrageously popular, but you can’t just waltz into a T-Mobile store and pick one up. Most folks I know have been searching Microsoft stores across the nation, high and low, and shipments of the smartphone have been sporadic. Still, that isn’t stopping Dell from putting out a video that pushes the device’s sexy design and features.

The Venue Pro is the only Windows Phone 7 device that has a physical portrait QWERTY keyboard, and it felt like the most hefty of the bunch. It gives you the sense that it’s one svelte and solid device. Here are some of the specs I mentioned during my first hands-on experience with the device:

The Venue Pro, as you might have seen earlier, sports 4.1-inch display, 5MP camera and a 1GHz processor. As far as memory goes, the Dell Venue Pro will be packing 8GB of internal storage.

You can also nab the 16GB version right now for $149 shipping some time around December 14 if you’re looking to nab one with a two-year contract. It’s not such a bad deal if you’re looking to grab a new Windows Phone 7 device and having a physical keyboard is either appealing or a deal-breaker for you. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of the keyboard, being spoiled by BlackBerry, it felt like something that I could easily get used to after a week or two of consistent use.

Dell’s latest video probably shows off a little more of what Windows Phone 7 can do versus the highlights of the Venue Pro itself, but that makes sense since your average consumer probably hasn’t had much time to familiarize themselves with the new platform just yet. Quite frankly, Dell did a pretty good job of putting this little ad together.

Check out the video below for yourself and tell us what you think!

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  • Samantha

    One damn sexy device for sure and it’s even nice since it’s running Windows Phone 7. I just ordered two.

    • I ordered 3! One for myself, one for my wife and one for my 15 year old.

  • sc0rp10n

    It’s sad that a single add for Dell’s WP7 phone is better than Microsoft’s entire marketing campaign.

    • Jangamjaya

      hmmm….Vertical Keybord…so no tying in landscape.. Dell should have developed slide keyboard.

      • Mike

        The phone has a vertical physical keyboard along with a vertical and lanscape virtual keyboads. AWESOME

  • Jaya

    Windows Phone needs more featured apps to see some good sales.

    Games part of apps is cool but not many news. I am missing Kindle App for sure.

    • The “out of the box” experience is richer than iPhone’s, so the apps argument makes no sense.

  • The video has a crappy resolution. I cannot see anything!

    • terry

      You’re probably using Google Chrome or Carfox I mean Firefox. Use IE and amazingly everything works fine!

      • epic win, but yeah ie9 is good

      • well now they fixed it

  • WP7 is Dead…

    • Roger

      You know, it would be really nice to be able to read a few articles without seeing Johan Ekblom TROLLING in the comments section of every single article!!! Get a freakin’ life! My wife and I have WP7 and LOVE IT!!!! Take that to your next TROLL party Johan!

      • Prosys

        Agreed just played around with my friend’s new Samsun WP7. Not a thing wrong with it so far. Microsoft might just have the best phone out right now.

  • *No Apps’

    • Marcus

      More like over 3500 apps and growing every hour.

      • And who has 250,000 installed on their phone? The apps argument is SO retarded!

  • Jonathan


  • Boris

    The Dell Venue Pro is not the only Windows Phone 7 device that offers a full querty keyboard. The LG Quantum on AT&T also offers a slide out full querty keyboard.

    • learn to read

      “physical portrait QWERTY keyboard” you must’ve misread

  • Awesome ad, Dell. If this was at T-Mobile UK, I’d be considering it, along with the Desire HD and Omnia 7.

  • I think I may sell my N1 to get a Dell Venue Pro… I’m just wanting a WP7 Phone….

    • lol, I’m waiting for my iPhone 3GS’s contract to expire… it looks extremely outdated…

  • OMG!!! That’s one amazing and inspiring video….

  • Oh My GOD!! I want to own one real bad!!!! When will it be coming to Hong Kong??! I can’t wait until 2011. This phone is just too AMAZING!!!

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