Deal alert: Motorola Droid Pro available for $19.99 on Amazon! has a great exceptional offer for those of you who want to grab the Motorola Droid Pro from Verizon Wireless. If you’re a new Verizon customer, you can grab the Android-powered smartphone for only 20 bucks – $19.99 to be more precise.

Those with existing Verizon contract will have to pour out $49.99, which is still an awesome deal. Consequently, Best Buy reduced its $99.99 offer for $50!

So, if you like the Droid Pro’s form factor and you dig Android – there’s no reason to wait.

Amazon offer is here, while Best Buy’s is here.

[Via: Engadget]

  • Tommy Jones

    Holy cow that is SWEET! Too darn bad I am an existing VW customer 🙁 Now, what I don’t know is how the Pro is different from the X or Incredible, I am getting confused between the three all I know I need a phone that is fast and can show me the videos I get from nice and big! Thanks for the price alert!

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