Android 2.3 to include gaming controls for the PlayStation phone?

Gingerbread Game Controls

Gingerbread Game Controls

The Android 2.3 SDK was made available to the public yesterday and the source code has yielded its first surprise. Spotted in the code for the “android.view.KeyEvent” are several new inputs key including A, B, C, L1, L2, Mode, R1, R2, Select, Start, ThumbL, ThumbR, X, Y, and Z. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that these keys are most likely included for the rumored PlayStation phone.

Rumors of a Sony PlayStation phone have been bouncing around since 2007. The concept of a Sony gaming phone made headlines when a patent was spotted that detailed a swiveling handset with a built-in game controller. This rumor has reared its ugly head from time to time, but each subsequent rumor has been light on details. It wasn’t until recently that the idea of a PlayStation phone has finally taken shape. Rumored specs have emerged and the handset itself was unveiled in two leaked videos that appeared last week.

While we are finally learning details about the PlayStation phone, we still do not know how the gaming feature will work. A PlayStation application was spotted in a recent leaked video and the application launched a gaming library. Unfortunately, details about the games that will populate the library have not been unveiled. This recent discovery of gaming controls in the Gingerbread SDK suggest Android will support the hardware, but the question of whether the current games need to be re-written for the phone remains unanswered.

[Via Android Community]

  • Anonymous

    I dont understand why everyones so hyped about this, its basically a PSP Go with a phone. While a great concept the thing is (as a PSP Go owner) not all games come out in PSP Go (digital) format, and if they do its usually after the regular UMD disk is released. In fact the last I heard is Sony’s future developments would be all UMD based.

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