Kobo for Android updated with ePub format support and easier ebook sideloading

Kobo updated its ebook reading app for the Android platform. It’s a small but important update which we suggest downloading. Here’s why:

  • There’s the ability to search, add and read Internet Archive ePubs – that’s over 1.9 million eBooks!
  • You can now read ebooks in the ePub format, no matter where they are purchased from as long as they are DRM free.
  • Reading features that are available for books from Kobo’s catalogue are now available on all books added to the library.
  • Ebook sideloading is now easier to use.

In other words, if you occasionally (or often) enjoy reading ebooks on your Android smartphone, you’ll want to update. And if you own a device with 3.7-inch display or larger, you gotta be in this group. Why else do you need such a large screen (ok, web browsing and browsing through long lists is more convenient). Simply hit the Android Market icon and proceed to update…

[Via: Kobo Blog]

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