HTC’s November sales up 168% year on year; company expects to ship 9 million devices in Q4

With the success of Google’s Android operating system it comes as no surprise to hear that HTC, makers of devices such as the T-Mobile G2 (Desire Z in Europe and Asia) and Droid Incredible on Verizon Wireless, has just set a new record for monthly sales. During November the Taiwanese firm scored $1.27 billion in revenue, up 18.65% from October and up 168.39% from November of last year. HTC is also claiming that they’re going to ship 9 million devices this quarter, up from the 6.8 million they did in Q3. They say they’d like to do more, but they’re facing component shortages for nearly everything needed to manufacture a smartphone. On December 9th they’re holding a Partner Strategy Summit in Taipei where they’ll be inviting suppliers of mobile processors, touch panels, software, casings, camera modules and system logic boards to discuss how to best deal with the supply constraints.

Smartphones are going to be hot ticket item during this holiday season. Thanks to Google’s Android, and no doubt the success of the iPhone, smartphone sales in the United States hit 14.7 million units in Q3 2010 according to research firm Canalys. That’s up 41% year over year. People love browsing the web on the go, using maps to never get lost, feeding their addiction to Twitter and Facebook, and the myriad of other things that a mid to high end smartphone offers.

We’ll be looking forward to what HTC has to announce at Mobile World Congress in February. The Samsung Nexus S that was recently announced failed to become the first smartphone to ship with a dual core processor, so there’s still time for Motorola or HTC to take that crown. Then there are tablets … which is a whole other ball game, and one that HTC will surely compete in if they want to stay relevant in the long term.

[Via: Digitimes]

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