SMS Popup Android app makes replying to text messages easy as pie

Since switching to the iPhone 4 about 3 months ago, I’ve yet to figure out if I like it enough to keep it or hate it enough to sell it. There are numerous things it does better than Android, and likewise there are also numerous things Android does better than iOS. Our Editor in Chief, Will Park, never leaves home without both an Android device and an iPhone, so it tells you something about how difficult it is to make a choice. Anyway, one thing iOS does better than Android is the way in which you get alerted to a new text message. Android may have the superior notification bar, and some people don’t like to get interrupted while they’re doing something else on their device, but with iOS you get a little popup that shows the message, sender, and an option to close said popup or reply. Now thanks to SMS Popup for Android you get the exact same experience.

The application is free, and once installed you are given a series of options of how you can interact with incoming texts. You can select when the notification should appear, whether it should mark incoming texts as read so you don’t have to fiddle with the notification bar, have a delete button appear, reply button, quick reply button where you can set custom pre-typed text messages, and you can even opt to have your text spoken to you aloud thanks to Google’s built in text to speech capabilities.

Should you try it out? It’s free, so why not? I’d love to tell you how well it performs, but I don’t have any Android devices at the moment and am probably not going to buy one until I see the next generation of hardware come due to come out in 2 months time at Mobile World Congress.

[Via: LifeHacker]

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    Handcent SMS has had that feature of ‘Quick Reply’ for awhile now. It is also free. They also have Backup feature for your customization that you have done to your SMS contacts. The backup feature does cost, but has anyone had to do a reset or for that matter, install a new ROM? It is well work the little money they charge for a years service. They offer far more in a features that I don’t see myself ever changing unless they stop supporting it.

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