Alarm problems continue to plague iPhone owners

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Apple Clock IconAs people around the world woke up on New Year’s day, Twitter and Facebook erupted with reports of non-recurring iPhone alarms that failed to trigger on time. This alarming failure is attributed to a bug in the code of iOS and is eerily similar to an earlier glitch that caused delayed alarms and mass tardiness when the Daylight Savings change took place.

This latest bug was expected to fix itself today on January 3rd, according to Apple, but continued reports on social networks suggest otherwise. People around the globe are still complaining about being late for work or school due to a missed alarm. According to Kyle Wiens of iFixit, the problems lies in the underlying code for the Alarm clock which is not very stable. This oversight is surprising given the basic function of this feature and Apple’s reputation for attention to detail.

The temporary fix for this alarm problem is to ditch the single-day alarm and setup a recurring alarm which is reportedly unaffected by this glitch. If you are concerned about the reliability of Apple’s alarm clock, you can always use  a third-party alarm application like the 99-cent Awaken or Best Alarm Clock. As a failsafe measure, you could also spend $10 on a cheap stand-alone desktop alarm clock. It may not be as portable or as sleek-looking as your iPhone, but i is less likely to make you late for work due to sloppy programming.

[Via Reuters]

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    This is why I love Symbian. Nokia phone software has never let me down.

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