Lenovo tablets coming at CES

If you’ve got tablet fever, it looks like your only cure will be at CES, as multiple companies are expected to show off these devices. We know that Motorola and LG will bring out cool, high-end Android tablets but we’re now hearing word that Lenovo will also have some devices to go against the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy S Tab.

The company said it will show off multiple consumer-facing tablets and this could include the LePad Android device we saw throughout 2010. This device has been kicking around for a while and, to be honest, it doesn’t really excite us as much as some of the other announcements.

The Lenovo tablet initiatives come as 2011 is poised to be the year where tablets hit the mainstream. Reports and surveys have shown that tablets will eat into PC sales starting over the next 12 months, so computer makers have to jump into this space in order to stay relevant in the mobile computing future.

The Lenovo tablets are going to face some stiff competition and I’m not sure where it can fit in. The enterprise market could seem like a natural fit for the company which owns the Thinkpad lineup but this will be a crowded space. The BlackBerry PlayBook will be released in the next few months and it will make a big push for the corporate tablet user.

As for the consumer space, that will also be a highly-competitive market. We know that the Apple iPad 2 will sell tens of millions of units and the Motorola Xoom, LG Optimus Pad and the sequel to the Galaxy Tab will be highly desirable devices.

Of course, if the Lenovo tablets are really good products, that may be enough to help the company gain some traction. We’ll be at CES all week friends, so check out our CES 2011 section for all the latest news.

[Via PC World]

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