Samsung Galaxy Tab gets a Bluetooth keyboard case, too

After the iPhone 4, Brando is going for the growing army of the Samsung Galaxy Tab users. He’s out with the Bluetooth keyboard case that effectively turns Sammy’s tablet into a netbook of some sort, while at the same time protecting the device from accidental drops. Heck, the case is said to be waterproof though we everything but suggest testing that feature.

In addition to the Galaxy Tab, the case can be used with any other Bluetooth-enabled device, computers included. But that’s not the point here – the point is to enhance the usability of your tablet and type faster while on the go.

As for the pricing, Samsung Galaxy Tab Case with Bluetooth Keyboard could be yours for $59. If that’s something you’re willing to pay, hop over to this page and take it from there…

  • Blaqdymun

    Ordered One Last Night…I also have the Samsung Original Keyboard Attachment but it’s not commuter friendly…that may wind up on ebay if this one pans out!

    • Ghog

      Have you received it yet? If so, how do you like it?

  • Tim

    Just got it in the mail today, but it won’t work on my tablet. Seems to pair just fine and the tablet indicates it is paired, but the keyboard doesn’t work and it’s bluetooth light just blinks indicating it’s trying to connect. Sent a note to Brando for help, but haven’t heard anything back from them.

    • Tim
      This doesn’t work with either the Verizon or Sprint version of the Galaxy Tab. Both Verizon and Sprint have this locked. I am in the same boat, as I own a Sprint version. Brando now has the fact posted on their website but it’s a little too late for us I’m afraid. They will credit it to your account if you return it but postage will eat up some of the credit. Hopefully, someone will hack the code and provide a solution to this but I have not found anyone yet.

  • mike

    If you own a Verizon tab, don’t worry about ordering this. Verizon disabled the HID (human interface device) part of the Bluetooth stack. It will pair with the keyboard, but will not connect. I ordered my keyboard before I realized this. I am pissed now.

  • Tim

    Heard back from Brando that it will not work with a Verizon version of the tablet becasue Verizon has disabled the HID profile for Bluetooth devices. So Brando says they’ll refund my money once I return it to them in Hong Kong. It looked like it would have been a nice thing to have. Verizon has totally put me off with this one. It’s bad enough they disabled the phone capabilities of the Tab to force users into keeping multiple Verizon plans, one for a phone and another for the Tab. It’s pretty lame thing to do, but at least I see what they think they could gain from it. But I don’t understand what they could possibly gain by disabling bluetooth keyboard support?

    • Rixtix

      I had a Verizon Tab it was a Christmas Gift purchased at Costco. On February 1 I received an email from T-Mobile, my cell carrier, stating the Tab was now $250 (after Rebate) if you sign up for a two year unlimited data plan. Well, thanks to Costco’s generous return policy. I switched over to T-Mobile an noticed two things right away. First, the T-Tab is faster in my area and second it could use all the Bluetooth accessories. If you like your Verizon Tab but want to get out of it. Sell it on eBay and get one from T-mobile.

  • SuperDishScott

    Will ths work with the new Samsung Wifi Only Tablet?

  • Pgtw

    The case discolored my tablet’s white back and I have yet to get it to connect.

  • dave b

    HID has been enabled by Verizon.. I have a Verizon Galaxy Tab, and I am using a bluetooth keyboard to type this.
    Get the lastest firmware update, this will work for you.

    • Tecnitec

      Which fw version is it?

  • Boeing8088

    It works on the Verizon tab

  • Darren

    Will this work with the WiFi Only Tab?

  • Darren

    Will this work with the WiFi Only Tab?

  • Josh Venie

    With the Gingerbread update I understand Sprint has added HID drivers to their Tab. Can anyone confirm if this product is now compatible with the Sprint version of the Tab?

  • Adnine

    Works on galaxy s 2?

  • Cielo16

    hello- My tab ( samsung galaxy 2 ) see the keyboard- But , to conect ask  to see one password- But Dont appear where to put this password.- Finaly I cannot conect.-
    (I like the product but for now it doesnt work 🙁 )

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