NVIDIA Tegra 2 powering BMW, Tesla in-car information units

Tegra 2 will power Tesla, BMW in-car units
Tegra 2 will power Tesla, BMW in-car units

We knew that this would be the year of the dual-core processor and NVIDIA is looking to be the major player over the next 12 months. Along with powering cool phones like the LG Optimus 2X and the upcoming Motorola Android Honeycomb tablet, the dual-core chip will also power the in-car information units for the upcoming Tesla Model S and BMW cars.

The Tegra 2 will power a monster of an in-car information unit in the Tesla Model S, as the electric vehicle will feature a whopping 17-inch touchscreen with a high-resolution display. This will include navigation with live traffic, weather and 3D graphics. What do you think is the perfect size for your in-car display?

This looks to be fantastic but we’re kind of wondering if this is too big. Will Park doesn’t necessarily like touchscreen controls in a car because it requires you to move your focus from off the road but the Tesla S will certainly wow your tech-savvy friends.

BMW has a long history of integrating mobile products and it will also use the Tegra 2 for its in-car information and navigation units. The NVIDIA dual-core processors will power the whole line of BMW next-generation vehicles, including the 7-Series, 5-Series, 3-Series, Mini Cooper and X-Series. BMW is promising high-resolution displays (1280 X 600), visually-rich user interfaces and a fast response time.

We’re in for some exciting times in the car-tech world and you can bet that mobile technology will play a big role. Along with the Tegra 2 processors in the Tesla and BMW cars, Ford is also making a big push by bringing smartphone apps to your car.

Oh and please don’t complain that this is outside of our coverage area because there’s nothing more mobile than cars! Check out our CES 2011 coverage for hands-on demos with these next-generation in-car information units over the next few days.

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