Breaking Hilarity: The iPad 2 Preview

iPad 2 Preview

iPad 2 Preview

With CES 2011 well and truly on, and new announcements and launches hitting us fast and furious… I figure it’s time for a little bit of humor. Apple humor. iPad humor.

In the cartoon above by the brilliant folks at the Joy of Tech, we get a sneak peak into the new features we’ve all been waiting for in the iPad 2. Imagine how much you’re going to love Apple’s next-gen tablet when you can use it as a overboard, or to punch it into hyperspace! Wow!

A serious *tip of the cap* has to go to the Joy of Tech on this one… I’m still chuckling a little bit as I type this out. PUNCH IT CHEWIE!

Note: For what it’s worth, we’ve been hearing a whole whackload of iPad 2 rumors lately. In fact, perhaps the most interesting of all is the real-life machined aluminum mockup of an iPad 2, spotted at CES. The mockup is owned by case maker Dexim, who is at the show to get some eyeballs on their new iPad case that incorporates a Bluetooth keyboard. Yes, front and rear facing camera were on board, and overall the device is slightly slimmer. As per usual, a ‘grain of salt’ disclaimer should be tagged to this one. I’ll believe it when I see it in person (even then, you can never really be sure!).

  • Cool! Thanks for the kind words! 😀

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