LG Announces Glasses-Less 3D Screen for Mobile

Among the few mobile announcements in LG’s press conference at CES this morning was a new 4.3-inch WVGA display that provides the full 3D experience without the goofy-looking glasses. Odds are we’ll see these screens in LG smartphones at some point in the distant future, but as a big name display manufacturer, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a few other handset-makers give it a shot.

Awhile back I had read about Movidius, who was working on something similar, and the whole thing sounds pretty promising, given phone manufacturers are adventurous enough to give it a shot. Nokia’s been dabbling in glasses-less 3D display for awhile, and Texas Instruments is also working on something similar. Along the same vein, Sharp has been working on a stereoscopic camera to record 3D videos.

It’s all pretty cool stuff, but getting rid of the glasses seems like something of a necessity for mobile, since carrying around the things, let alone wearing them in public, is pretty impractical. In any case, we won’t see anything in the market for some time, but it looks like the pieces are all there to make a popular glasses-less 3D phone happen.


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