comScore: There are now more people using Android than the iPhone in America

It’s difficult to believe that Apple, with only one device, has owned such a large chunk of American smartphone market for this long. According to the bean counters at comScore, during the September to November period Apple’s iOS platform went from 24.2% to 25% market share, meaning one in four smartphone users has the Jesus Phone in their pocket. During that same period Android went from 19.6% to 26%, a jump of 6.4%, and the first time that Android has eclipsed iPhone in terms of popularity. This doesn’t come as a surprise since America’s four largest operators offer multiple Android devices; even several of the prepaid operators even stock Android devices. Neither Apple or Google win the title of “Most Popular Smartphone Platform” however, that distinction goes to RIM who with their BlackBerry devices and highly addictive BlackBerry Messanger service have managed to take 33.5% of the market; don’t break out the champagne just yet, that’s 4.1% less than where they were in August.

When it comes to all devices, including feature phones, Samsung increased their share from 23.6% to 24.5% while everyone else lost a few points. LG shaved 0.3% of their market share and now has 20.9%, Motorola lost 1.8% and now has 17.0%, RIM lost 0.2% and now has 8.8%, and in last place there’s Nokia who lost 0.4% and have 7.2% of the market. More and more Americans are buying smartphones however. There are now 61.5 million people in the U.S. carrying some sort of advanced device and that’s up 10% from August 2010.

If this report demonstrates anything it’s that a lead in the smartphone space is temporary at best, and that there has been no better time to try and make some money. As we’ve seen from CES, practically everyone is coming out with an Android device because they know that people want them. Whether feeding that demand will diminish the success of established players is yet to be seen, but I somehow doubt that will be the case.

[Photo above is of the yet to be released DROID Bionic for Verizon]

  • I wish they would cut it out with the one device vs many handset meme.
    There are now 4 generations of iphone today. The original, the 3G, 3Gs and Iphone4. It was the only phone of it’s kind and it sold well, world wide.

    Keep in mind now, we are talking about IOS vs Android.

    Android is on the move because of Google’s name recognition as well as their ability to market better than Apple Inc. One software platform vs another. Its a pity that in order to reconcile emotions, [meaning most fans of apple] there is this the one handset vs many handsets theory. It’s convenient and requires not a lot of effort to sell it, but it is essentially a technically dishonest message.

    There are Wal-marts and AT&T stores on damn near every street in America and the internet is even closer. If people wanted only IOS, it’s as easy as pointing a finger and say “gimmie”. Moreover, even AT&T is activating thousands of Android handsets daily, so what does that tell ya? Smart phone buyers want something better than IOS is able to deliver. Don’t get me wrong, its a good phone and works well. But it is “entry level” when compared to Android and it’s developers.
    There are millions who seek more from their smart phone experience and Android owns that space. IMHO, IOS is entry level when it comes to WP7 and the Blackberry Playbook is an extraordinarily piece of technology which outpaced ipad without even trying and it far better than the Android tablet in user experience alone, but I digress..
    Perhaps the 50 dollar price tag on the 3Gs will give it a sells bump and it should. And if it comes to Verizon, that’ll help too.

  • Using Android after using an iOS device is like being set free.

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