Speck shows off TimetoRock and ToughShell and ToughSkin at CES 2011

Speck has quite a portfolio of cases and accessories here at CES, and they’ve given us a very quick tour of their case and protection solutions for 2011. While we’re all already pretty familiar with Speck’s product line – many of us have seen them everywhere in Apple, AT&T and Best Buy stores – there are two new products that are new for 2011.

First is the iPhone 4 case we see above – the ToughSkin and ToughShell cases. If you’re rough on your mobile devices or you work in an industry where your gadgets take a beating, it might be worthwhile to look into the Speck ToughSkin case. It adds a bit of bulk to your device, but it’s a small sacrifice to make to actually protect it from scratches and damage and make sure it’s working after a day of abuse. On the bright side, it’s not terribly heavy so you won’t be feeling that added bulk and weight whenever you’re carrying your phone around.

The ToughSkin also comes with a holster if you need to carry it around like that, and the whole deal will set you back $39.95 available this month.

If you’re looking for something a little simpler, but still pretty rugged, the ToughShell doesn’t look half bad. It looks like it’ll keep your iPhone 4 from most damage – and then some. It’s pretty big, though not hefty, and has a rubberized interior to help with shock absorption if you’re the type who’s constantly dropping or banging your iPhone against floors, walls and what not.

Another neat gadget we saw is the TimtoRock iPod nano watch accessory. It does exactly what you think: it turns your new iPod nano into a wristwatch. Speck also has armbands available for it and routes your headphone wires up your arm so the wire isn’t flailing around while you run.

For more info, check out the Speck via the link below.

[Via: Speck]

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