Live blog: Verizon iPhone press conference – CDMA iPhone 4?

Verizon iPhone 4
Verizon iPhone 4

For all of you that have been waiting patiently for Verizon and Apple to join forces and release a CDMA iPhone, today may just be your lucky day. Verizon has invited the media for a special post-CES press conference to announce something special. Considering this announcement wasn’t made at CES 2011 Las Vegas and that there’s been rampant speculation about Verizon finally getting the iPhone 4, we have reason to believe that the Apple smartphone will be unveiled today on Big Red’s network. We’ll be live blogging the event to in NYC this morning to bring you live coverage of everything Verizon-related this morning.

If this really is the CDMA-debut of the iconic smartphone, it’s not clear if Big Red will get a new variant of the much-anticipated handset or if it’ll be the iPhone 4 as we know it today, only with CDMA internals as opposed to GSM-compatible hardware. It’s also not clear if Verizon will be including 4G LTE data connectivity in their version of the Apple phone, which isn’t completely out of the realm of possibility, given that the carrier announced various Android smartphones with 4G LTE support at CES 2011. Of course, an LTE iPhone would likely require a redesign of the handset as we know it today.

We’ll be going live with our coverage well in advance of the actual announcement to give you, dear reader, a feel for the buzz and anticipation that comes with the arrival of a CDMA iPhone on the nation’s largest wireless carrier (by subscriber count). Watch the excitement unfold as it happens below!

As you wait for the event to begin, go ahead and read up on why a few IntoMobile editors are making the switch from the AT&T version of the Apple handset to the Verizon variant.

  • 0droid_master0

    Im so sick to my stomach. True this will help both the iphone and android customer out in the long run due to shares, sales, competition… but the iphone on Verizon……. ugh. Thats as bad at putting Sea Salt in your Monster Nitro! Ugh… nasty! This better better better not slow down the network as Big Red claims. Cause, if it does… then Big Red is in for a rude customer awakening!

    • Guest

      Its only a matter of time before all carriers get the iphone…. IMO

  • Kfoley1087

    I have waited forever it seems for this Iphone…

  • iamsteventucker

    Will FaceTime work over 3G? THAT’S THE QUESTION TO ASK.

  • Is their going to be video coverage on any tv stations later today?

  • Is their going to be video coverage on any tv stations later today?



    • guest

      you mean verizon will get slower.

    • Carguy3445

      Your honestly going to tell me that this phone SUCKS? What is wrong with you? Unless you have have been living in a hole you should know that apple is basically leading everyone. Everyone copies apple’s softer, etc. What phone do you have huh? Are you just evious that you cant have one? Hmm.

  • Carguy3445

    Hey VMster. Apple is i fact the best product ever. Droid devices suck!!! Better than Tmobile and Sprint.

  • summer

    i want one so bad

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