Microsoft thinks Apple shouldn’t have the rights to ‘App Store’

When hear “App Store,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Apple, iTunes and the iPhone and iOS devices, right? You don’t think Windows Phone 7 Marketplace or the Android Market or BlackBerry App World. Nope. You think of that $300 billion+ company and its massive online applications store. Well, Microsoft ain’t having that.

The folks up in Redmond are voicing their opinions on Apple’s attempt to trademark “App Store” for its iTunes applications store. It’s going to be tough for Microsoft to get that phrase out of our heads when we think of Apple and iOS apps, though. Even if it wins this silly battle, it’s all about mindshare and what has been burned into our collective consciousness.

Techflash says:

The Redmond company this week escalated its battle against Apple’s attempt to trademark the term “App Store” — asking the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to refuse the iPhone maker’s registration request on the basis that it’s a generic name, not something to which Apple can lay exclusive claim.

Microsoft says that Apple can’t block use of the term “App Store” because it’s so generic and can be applied to all the app stores currently in the market. Fair enough, but Apple says that use of the term is already known as a “reference to Apple’s extraordinarily well-known APP STORE mark and the services rendered by Apple thereunder.”

Although this is an important issue for the two, you’d think that both companies have bigger fish to fry. Microsoft ought to focus on making its software kick ass and be memorable enough that it doesn’t need stinkin’ terms like “App Store.”

[Via: Techflash]

  • Have we forgotten that Apple tried to prevent the use of podcast because they alleged it infringed on their trademark of iPod?

  • When we hear Operating System then more than 90 per cent people think of Windows. In Several parts of the world people don’t even know any other OS apart from Windows. Should Microsoft be given the copyright of “Operating System”.

    There’s no logic in you post. For once Microsoft is right, Apple can’t own App Store. There is Android App Store and even Windows Phone 7 App store. May be WP7 app store don’t matter much but Android does. Not to mention that Desktop windows will soon have its own App store which will definitely surpass Mac App Store.

    • Microsoft was granted a copyright on the generic term “Windows”, even though WYSIWYG UIs existed long before Microsoft got into the game, and certain elements in those UIs were called windows.

  • Anonymous

    It’s too late anyway. ‘App Sstore’ has long since entered the vernacular as Apple’s App Store, regardless.

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