Google admits that the Nexus S has a problem with calls longer than 3 minutes [Reboots ahoy!]

When Google launched the Nexus S late last year, many of us were a bit underwhelmed. Sure, it ran the latest version of Android, and yes, it came with support for NFC, but hardware wise it wasn’t all that different than the Nexus One that came out at the beginning of 2010. Several people have even mentioned that Samsung’s build quality and choice of materials for the Nexus S was inferior to that of the Nexus One. Now we’re finding out that the Nexus S has another massive issue: it has a hard time maintaining phone conversations that last longer than 3 minutes. It all started when user “WestindiesKING” on the Google Mobile Help Forum left a message saying that his device has been rebooting every other day. Other users chimed in and said they’ve had the same issues and specifically mentioned that the reboots were happening during calls. Finally user “Ry Guy”, a Google employee, responded with the following statement:

Hey all,

So we’ve successfully reproduced this issue and are in the process of investigating with Samsung. I’ll provide updates as soon as I have them.

– Ry Guy

An admission of guilt, and another reason why I’ve yet to own any mobile devices from Samsung. HTC devices have never experienced these sort of issues, and Nokia wouldn’t dare bring something out to market that didn’t have extraordinary reception and rock solid calling. Mobile World Congress is only a few short weeks away and we’re going to be hearing plenty about devices from all the top 5 vendors. Many of the devices announced at CES will come to Europe and Asia under different names, probably sooner than they’ll hit American shores too, and we’ll be sure to have some long team discussions to test if they too can’t handle lengthy calls. It would be terrible if this wasn’t Samsung’s fault, but instead an issue with Gingerbread (Android 2.3).

  • Jerry1ken

    May be they could patent the bug as a call cost saving application!

  • Totoro

    Of course it’s an Android issue. Samsung’s hardware does not have such kind of problems on a large scale.

  • Just

    I have no such problem

  • CJ

    “and Nokia wouldn’t dare bring something out to market that didn’t have extraordinary reception and rock solid calling. ” – except for the ill fated N97 – whose call dropping propensity finally drove me to Android (now fixed by a SW upgrade I believe)

    • My N97 has had a lot of problems but dropping calls aint one!

  • ‘HTC devices have never experienced these sort of issues’

    I wouldn’t go that far…both mine and my girlfriend’s HTC Legends reboot while on a call occasionally (maybe once a month)…but due to it being so infrequent I doubt it has been reported by users. I still love HTC’s quality, but let’s get real, these are hunks of metal, plastic, and electricity, it’s bound to have an imperfection here and there.

  • nh

    Remember, being Google, it’s “Permanent Beta” !!
    They don’t test it – *you* do.
    All they do is write code and ship it.

  • Vulcan

    Who needs to talk longer than 3 min anyway.

    “Give up, it´s just a phone.” Err… sorry, that sentence was already reserved by S. Jobs.

  • Anonymous

    I made a 10 minute phone call today – no problems. I didn’t have any problems before either.

  • AlQazar

    You can’t blame either software or hardware, both work on other devices. I’m sure it’s a compatibility issue, you can’t predict all possible outcomes. They might be tighter but not even Nokia can user test for every possible permutation of activity, it’s impossible.

  • Shawn

    TASK KILLER == BAD!!! Why do you even have it installed? I have never ran a task killer and never had a problem.

  • samsucked

    Can’t say I’m suprised Samsun screwed this up too. They ruined a potentially great phone with their subpar quality standards. I own the Samsung S, and if it didn’t have the GPS problems, the poor performance filesystem, glitchy memory, and charged carriers for updates for an OS they didn’t even write. It’d be a great phone. But quite frankly I won’t buy another Samsung phone ever. I thought they’re mediocre quality was just rushing their first phone out, and that I could switch to the Nexus S with an upgraded OS. Now I know they screw up every phone they touch. Avoid them at all costs.

  • 30kwinds

    So anyone know if there’s a fix yet? I’m getting supper tiered of hanging up on people. I will have to return this phone if there isn’t a fix.

  • Anonymous

    Well, haven’t had that problem in Canada yet. I’ve had plenty of 90 minute conference calls on it, and no rebooting, etc.

    Sounds like FUD.

  • Cybermorph

    Thank you FINALLY some recognition. I live in DT Vancouver and cannot carry on a conversation longer than 10 minutes. EVERY call drops! Every single one at some point at 3 minutes or near the 10 minute mark. The phone is useless as a calling device.

  • NexusSonWind

    I also have a frustrating number of dropped calls running a US-purchased Nexus S on Wind’s service in DT Vancouiver. The phone doesn’t reboot anymore, but can hardly make a phone call without dropping the call. On longer calls, it has dropped the call up to 4 or 5 times before!

  • Dishant Bansal

    I baught this phone 4 months ago.. giving me so much problem.. it keep on pressing search but automatically many times… and then i have to restart it to fix it.. and navigation is so bad in this.. it always shows the wrong directions … and then its restarting again and again.. i would its worst phone i have ever baught in my life..

  • Pass the buck

    I bought this phone about 5 months ago on a three year plan. I sent it in for repair because the charging connection in the phone seemed loose.  Well, they come back with it’s water damaged…which I doubt very much as I’ve treated this phone like a baby. I’ve had connectivity issues with wireless internet, connections to the 3g network (I’m using the best network in town) and I too have experienced many and I mean many dropped calls I’m hoping Samsung will find a fix for this.

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