More Pictures of the BlackBerry “Dakota”, “Apollo”, Torch 2

To cap off the busy week in BlackBerry leaks, some profile shots of the BlackBerry Bold code-named Dakota, the refreshed Torch 2, and the new Curve “Apollo” have been slipped out. The Dakota looks considerably thinner than the old 9000, while keeping its definitive wide and beautiful look. We can see the back of the Apollo now, which doesn’t seem to have a flash, despite it being listed in the leaked specs. The Torch 2’s exterior doesn’t seem changed in anyway, but it’s fresh enough to not need any refinements. The white paint job is kind of snazzy, though.

Speaking of specs, all three of these beauties will have a 5 megapixel camera, NFC capabilities (think PayPass contactless payments, or those ID cards that wireless open doors), have Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS, and run OS 6.1 with augmented reality capabilities. The Dakota (Bold) will come with a 3G hotspot, the Torch 2 will have an impressive 8 GB of local storage plus OpenGL 3D rendering, and the Apollo will be the first Curve in awhile with some respectable specs. There’s also the refreshed Storm 3 (which might not actually be a Storm), but no new pictures there sadly. Still, I’m pretty excited about the first BlackBerry with a WVGA display.

These renders have made for a pretty exciting week for anyone interested in BlackBerrys; now we just have to keep our eyes out for some live hands-on pictures and video…

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