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AppsGeyser allows webmasters to create Android apps from their websites

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By: , IntoMobile
Monday, January 17th, 2011 at 1:28 AM

There’s a new mobile-izer service on the Interwebs called AppsGeyser, which allows webmasters and online businesses to quickly create apps for Android devices from any web content. Still in beta, the new service is super-easy to use, consisting of only two steps and, as a result enabling the apps to be operational in minutes.

No development skills are needed and from what I’ve understood, pretty much any structured web content will work. Moreover, AppsGeyser is not only free, but it is actually designed to make money for webmasters. As the service compiles an app for you, it also includes mobile ads. The revenue generated from these pay-per-click ads is then shared between you (presuming you’re the site owner) and AppsGeyser.

And in case you wonder, the company behind the service is Besttoolbars which is touted as the “only toolbar company with a complete extensible platform,” allowing its customers to build and manage their own toolbars.

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