Gameloft Reveals Action RPG Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden for iPhone & iPad

Last week, Gameloft released a teaser trailer to a game that looked an awful lot like Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda. From its fantasy setting, its main character, and even a scene involving horse riding, everything about the teaser trailer oozed The Legend of Zelda. Gameloft has decided to reveal their upcoming action / adventure RPG in a new trailer. It may not have use the words Legend or Zelda in its title, but Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden will be the closest thing you’ll get to a Zelda-like adventure on iOS for quite some time.

Set to be released in February, Sacred Odyssey: Rise of the Ayden has players assuming the role of Ayden, a young hero who has been chosen by the god Uryah to save the kingdom of Lasgalen from the Apocalypse. No other details were given, such as how many levels players can expect, but judging by the new trailer, it looks like players will need to acquire a number of items in order to progress through the game. An example of this can be seen when Ayden uses a powerful glove in order to shatter ice blocking a path. There will also be horse riding as well as combat while riding your horse.

No price point was given either, but judging by the prices previous Gameloft games have released for in the App Store, I wouldn’t be surprised if the iPhone version of the game sells for $6.99, while the iPad version receives a $9,99 price. As I said in my previous post, all I hope is that Gameloft doesn’t force a fairy onto Ayden to “guide” him throughout the game. Or if they do decide to give Ayden a companion, let it be the silent kind. How about a hot, mute mermaid named Ariel? Oh wait, that’d be stealing. OK, call her Leira and I’m sure Disney won’t be knocking on Gameloft’s door.

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