Chevron WP7 jailbreak team excited by upcoming Windows Phone 7 roadmap

The Chevron WP7 team recently met with Microsoft to discuss Windows Phone 7 and homebrew development. The team came back from two full days of meetings with a renewed enthusiasm for Microsoft’s mobile platform. As part of this series of meetings and presentations, they were given a sneak peek into the upcoming roadmap for Windows Phone 7. They signed a non-disclosure agreement so all the juicy details about Microsoft’s mobile plans will stay behind closed doors. The team did share this one tantalizing statement,

“We can say we’re genuinely excited by many of the forward-looking presentations. We can only hope they come to fruition as soon as possible”

While many may be disappointed that no details were unveiled, this will be word enough to keep the faithful happy with their handset and looking forward to these upcoming updates.

The team also discussed the future of homebrew application development for the Windows Phone platform. Microsoft confirmed that the bug exploited by the Chevron WP7 unlocker will be patched in the upcoming Windows phone update. Despite this move by Microsoft, the software giant remains interested in finding a way to allow homebrew development to continue. The Redmond compnay just needs to figure out a way to open the platform for application installation without compromising security or enabling piracy.

To that end, the team at Chevron WP7 will be collaborating with Microsoft to achieve this goal. They currently have an interim solution that will let hombrew application development continue after this upcoming update disables the Chevron WP7 unlocker tool. The team will share these details once they have been ironed out with Microsoft.

[Via ChevronWP7]

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