HTC Arrive and Kyocero Echo heading to Sprint?

Oh, look – some logos. It’s for the HTC Arrive and the Kyocera Echo, both said to be heading to Sprint. No, no handset details. Sorry, no images, either. Just logos. At least they’re pretty, right?

The HTC Arrive is said to be a Windows Phone 7 handset, which would make it one of the first CDMA WP7 smartphones. And the name would be appropriate, too, if it were the first new-generation Microsoft handset for Sprint. The Kyocera Echo is apparently the working codename for the Sanyo Orange, and details on it are scant. Perhaps it will be a supremely low-end Android handset.

Engadget does say that the “trademark for ‘HTC Arrive’ was registered the very same day we received this logo,” so perhaps it will be the name of a new device.

Speaking of upcoming goodies for Sprint, we’re just two weeks away from its special event where we’ll apparently be seeing an “industry first” unveiled. Whatever could it be? A WiMax tablet? New pricing plans and data packages from Sprint? Could it be a 2GHz quad-core Android 2.3 Gingerbread handset with a no-glasses-required 3D display? Maybe.

[Via: Engadget]

  • Anonymous

    It was the Kyocera Echo.

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