Google Voice number porting goes live for all

Google Voice number porting goes live for all
Google Voice number porting goes live for all

After teasing it last week, Google Voice number porting is now live for all users.

The Google Voice number porting will cost $20 and it will also mean that you have to end your current contract with the carrier you’re using. The upside of this is that you won’t have to give out a different number if you want to use this call-forwarding service.

If you’ve never used Google Voice, it promises to be the one phone number you ever need because it can ring whatever phone or computer you happen to be using. With apps for the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and support for landlines, you’ll be able to get calls no matter where you are.

The service also includes the ability to send free text messages with your computer or using your mobile data. Additionally, you can look forward to the ability to screen calls and get voicemails transcribed (although, this isn’t the greatest quality).

If you’re seriously looking at the Google Voice number porting, you should check out this piece Marc wrote. Remember, when you cancel your contract, you may be subject to high cancellation fees and you’re still going to have to pay for carrier service anyways. If you go month-to-month with no contract, you may also not be able to get the latest and greatest device and you’ll likely have to pay full fare for your device. Additionally, I’ve been using this service for a few years now and the voice quality is not as good on the go as just using your carrier’s voice network.

Still, the Google Voice number porting gives you a bit more freedom in switching your carriers as often as you want, so this may be an awesome thing for a select crowd. Check out this video Goog put together to explain what the process entails.

[Via Google Voice blog]

  • caseyisajim

    Problem with Google Voice: No mms messaging capability. Hopefully they integrate that soon.

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