Google launches web-based version of the Android Market

Android Market on the web

Android Market on the web

In its Honeycomb presentation, Google announced a new web-based version of the Android Market. This new website lets users easily browse and find Android applications. The layout is perfect for app discovery and includes both a carousel of featured applications and the familiar categories that are found on your Android device.

Each application includes a description page chock full of images and information for each application. The web-based application profile includes high resolution graphics, including screenshots and icons. It is excellent for developers looking to put their best foot forward. These descriptions also include user reviews and a barcode to help you locate the application using your device. If you enjoy an application by a particular developer, the description page also includes a list of other apps created by the same developer.

If you find a “must-have” application, you can purchase the app directly from the website. The purchase process is similar to that on an Android device, complete with the familiar list of permissions. Once you complete your purchase on the website, the application will automatically download to your Android device. The list of personal Android devices available for this cloud-based app delivery mechanism can be found in the My Account section of the website.

Overall, this web-optimized version of the Android Market is an excellent addition to the Android platform. It makes browsing and finding applications a breeze and the cloud-based delivery mechanism is extremely convenient.

  • Now add a music store and YouTube and we will have a viable webbased iTunes competitor. For those how like iTunes;)

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