Samsung defends Galaxy Tab return rate, 2 percent only

When it comes to Samsung Galaxy Tab sales and returns, it’s back and forth between analysts, reporters and Samsung. For those of you who are just casual observers of this particular issue, it must be getting annoying. In December, reports said Samsung sold one million Galaxy Tab Android tablets, quickly followed by another million by the end of January. Soon after, it was discovered that the sales weren’t the tally of units hitting consumers, but instead it was a count for the number of Galaxy Tabs reaching sales channels and partners.

To add to the mess, we reported a few days ago that up to 16% of users were returning the Android 2.2 Froyo tablets back to retailers and wireless carriers. Minds were changed and suddenly the Samsung Galaxy Tab was looking like a dud, especially since we were recalling Google’s stance on Android 2.2 and that the platform isn’t optimized for tablet use.

Samsung is responding that the return rate figures are incorrect, and that they’re actually much closer to 2%. That’s about all the company has to say regarding this matter, which is both strange and unsatisfying.

ZDNet writes, “Samsung needs to get better communicators on staff, as it keeps creating problems of perception over how well the Galaxy Tab is doing in the market with its unclear statements.”

I agree. It’s probably not a gigantic PR nightmare for Samsung, but it would be nice to get a clear statement from it before anything else spins out of control.

[Via: ZDNet]

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