Verizon LTE unlimited data plan price same as 3G data rate?

Way to go, Verizon, you’re keeping it real. Real cheap that is. If this rumor proves to be true, Big Red will be offering their 4G LTE data plans at the same rate as their 3G data plans, making unlimited LTE data only $30 a month. If this is true, it’ll be putting Sprint in check pretty soon.

This is still a rumor, and could be completely debunked when plans are officially announced, but the possibility of no-extra-charge for blazing fast 4G LTE speeds is intriguing nonetheless. Verizon could be waiting for their entire LTE network to be rolled out nationwide before upping the prices, which also makes sense. There’re also rumors that the $30 price point will just be for 3G data services, and if you want 4G you’ll have to shell out an extra $15. Anything is possible at this point, but if the data plan rate for LTE stays low, I may consider switching to Verizon just for their 4G LTE network.

Let’s just get one thing straight: Verizon is expensive. Keeping their LTE data rates the same would actually be something to admire from the network, even if I’d have to pay $30 more than I would for the same plan I do on T-Mobile – and even then I’d still have 50 less minutes to work with. This makes me think this rumor may have some stubby legs, if any. Nonetheless, even if Verizon was to make a customer pay more money for their 4G network, it would be worth it. It’s about as fast as anyone could hope for, and I’m definitely looking into getting a 4G hotspot in the near future.

If Big Red can keep their LTE data plans low, we may see an even bigger jump to the carrier in the future. If not, well, we wouldn’t be completely surprised or distraught about it, either.

Would you think of switching to Verizon if they kept their 4G data plans the same as 3G data plans?

[Via: Droid-Life]

  • Roger A

    $45 a month is already MORE then my home cable internet. Verizon cant even touch those speeds. While mobile data is a big deal, I think PHONE data is WAY too expensive for the services offered. We dont use 10’s of gigs per month, we all cant always see flash pages, we cant always log into intensive sites. The mobile experience browsing on an iPhone or Android or any other phone doesnt compare to a computer… point blank, it sucks in my opinion. There is no reason data should be more then $30 a month for unlimited amount. If someone wants to use HotSpot, make that unlimited, but add a fair use clause of 1GB per day in connection with throttling the speeds. It will keep people from streaming Netflix all day, or streaming copious amounts of music 24-7 (like I currently do), and then tack on the $15 extra on top of that.

    $45 for 4G networks that are BARELY functioning at best, barely built out, and provide speeds LESS then cable internet which costs HALF AS MUCH is just insane. Almost makes it worth getting a $9 a month T-Mobile or AT&T HotSpot plan to use while out. Thats a savings of $35.

    • Abc

      The 4G LTE speeds you can get while tethering to one of verizon’s phones are much faster than cable internet speeds.

      • justme

        Somehow I really doubt that.

      • Rambo_jason

        lol @ abc.

  • HR

    Your a tool!

  • Jay.

    I spoke to a Verizon customer service rep and asked if there is going to be a reduced rate for the 3G customers vs the 4G customers sense the 3G customers are paying the same $30 data charge as the 4G customers. The customer service rep said Verizon will NOT know till the end of 2012 about any rate changes. So with that I am switching to my old flip phone. Until Verizon properly adjusts their rates, I’m not going to pay for a bogged down service.

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