Angry Birds Updated, Super Bowl Commercial Coming This Sunday

Angry Birds Updated, Super Bowl Commercial Coming This Sunday

If you’re into Angry Birds or Angry Birds HD, I have a little bit of sweet pig-smashing news for you this morning. The game has just received an update that brings 15 new levels, a new golden egg… and… (wait for it)… there’s more.

During Super Bowl XLV this Sunday, Rovio will run their very own movie commercial. In the commercial will be a clue to help you unlock a very new, very special level. How cool is that? If you want to take advantage, go ahead and grab the update, and then plunk yourself down in front of the TV to catch the Super Bowl this Sunday. Deal? Deal!

Another *tip of the cap* to the Rovio team for coming up with a one-of-a-kind promotion here. I have a feeling there will be a whole whackload of folks watching the game with their iPhones and iPads on their lap. Actually, that said, I have a feeling many of them will not be paying attention to the football game at all…

Angry Birds for iPhone ($0.99) [iTunes link]
Angry Birds HD for iPad ($4.99) [iTunes link]
Angry Birds for Android (Free) [Android Market link]

[Via: TiPb]

  • You should probably post android market links now. Just FYI; to help your readers..

  • Harboe_Jacob

    NOT gonna install, since it for some reason wants to read and send sms’es!!!

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