Another LG Optimus 3D phone video emerges

If you’re interested in a 3D mobile device, then you’re likely very aware of LG’s upcoming Optimus 3D Android phone. We’ve gotten tips, seen pictures, and even saw a teaser video for the device, and now we have one more drool-inducing video to tide you over as you wait for the Optimus 3D phone to get real.

Unlike the last video we saw, this video isn’t poorly translated, and actually shows a couple of the cool-but-expected features. The 23-second spot shows off the handset’s stereoscopic cameras, and drops enough hints to indicate that the Optimus is 3D-enabled without actually saying it. We really can’t believe how much LG has stepped up their game in the Android department, and it looks like they may turn into a force to be reckoned with. If their products deliver, LG could easily start running with the likes of HTC, Motorola, and Samsung in due time.

LG has been bringing a lot of “firsts” to market lately, one of which is the first dual-core Android phone, the Optimus 2X. The Atrix and Bionic may also sport dual-core CPUs, but as it stands, the Optimus 2X beat them to the punch, and you should check out our review of the awesome handset if you haven’t. LG hasn’t stopped with smartphones, though, and the upcoming T-Mobile G-Slate will ship with a 3D-capable display, and while it’s not glasses-free, it’s still a first.

Even if the Optimus 3D is the only device LG announces at Mobile World Congress, we’ll still be impressed. We’re about to see how well 3D will be implemented in mobile devices, and while one handset won’t determine the success of the 3D market, it could very well impress a strong enough opinion on some, be it good or bad.

Are we ready for another dimension in our mobile devices? Doesn’t matter, because it’s coming whether we like it or not.

If the Optimus 3D is anything like the 2X in terms of performance, we think good things will come from it.

[Via: Pocket-Lint]

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