Alien Dalvik: For those of you who want to run Android apps on your Nokia N900

The smartphone platform wars wouldn’t really matter if you could run applications made for one operating system on a competitor’s handset. While we’re not yet at a point where Android applications can run on the iPhone, or vice-versa, the folks at Myriad Group have created a way to let users of Nokia’s Maemo running N900 to run Android applications and they say that they’ll soon start selling their software. It’ll be called Alien Dalvik and when it’s formally released it’ll run on MeeGo, whenever (if ever) Nokia decides to ship a MeeGo powered device. Myriad say that most applications will run just fine, so you’re going to have to take their word for it. Two of Google’s core applications, GMail and Maps, will most likely be ripped out of an Android ROM by the community and made available for consumers to download separately.

Is this cool? Not really. If you bought an N900 then you probably did so because you were either A) let down by the N97 B) have a fetish for open source software or C) you like to collect obscure mobile devices. If you want to run Android applications then buy an Android device. There’s nothing really available for Maemo/MeeGo that can’t be done with Android so you’re better off just getting rid of your N900 and buying another device. Judging by how thick the N900 is, and the fact that it uses a resistive touch screen, it’s a wonder that people still even hold on to that thing.

Some of you, the extremely geeky crowd, will try this out, but if you’re in that click then you probably already carry multiple handsets with you at all times, each running a different operating system. You’re also probably a part of that small group of people who thought running Windows 95 or Quake 3 on the N900 was neat, when in reality it isn’t really practical. At all.

In short: NERDS!

[Via: All About MeeGo]

  • jeffrey

    “Is this cool? Not really. ”

    It’s a joke? There’s not a lot of applications on Maemo. thanks to this tool, users can use famous android apps on their N900? I think it’s cool. really.
    Moreover this soft allow Nokia to attrack apps on its platform.

    • Nokia attracting attention to their platform by marketing the fact that it can run Android apps? I don’t think so.

      • jeffrey

        Of course! I think it’s a good thing! Everyone want nokia goes to Android. Thanks to this tool they can keep Meego and use android apps because heir Biggest weakness on Meego is the lack of applications.. it’s the best deal they can do. Nokia can use this software for developpers and finally, clients.

        • Henkie

          Only Android users want Nokia to switch to Android, N900 users (who know what they are talking about) want Nokia to stick to Maemo / MeeGo.
          It is by far the best OS and platform.

          • Claudio Gomes

            And I’m betting that Tizen (which is Meego by Samsung) will be a impressive success.

      • Guy

        RIM is going to do the same thing.. give users the ability to run Android apps on the Blackberry / Playbook

  • Antman8969

    Could not disagree with this article more…

    How is being able to develop and run your own Android applications on your open, Debian based n900 NOT cool??

    The only reason I was going to get an Android phone was to develop for it, I would much rather use Maemo on a day to day basis, and now thanks to this “not so cool” development, I can. Not to mention, I can run Android apps for personal use if I want to…

    n900 users love their n900.

    • Claudio Gomes

      Well… I agree I’m a geek 🙂
      For me the reason I bought the N900 was “B) have a fetish for open source software” 
      Neither you’ll see me changing my N900 before seeing what Tizen will be like. Very excited with this new Meego direction driven by Samsung.
      I bet it will be Legen… wait for it…. DARY!!!

  • N900 Devel

    I think someone’s just mad that their job as a writer for an obscure unheard of website doesn’t pay him enough to aford a phone of N900 caliber… Enjoy your RAZR buddy, but don’t hate on us because we are successful enough to get nice things, and move out of our parrent’s houses…

  • Stefan, I think you are missing the bigger picture here. You know what sucks? Having to choose a handset because of its applications. Remember when it sucked having a Mac but missing out on all those PC apps? There is no good reason we should have to do that anymore, a developer just compiles for the platform and off you go (Ok not quite that easy, but its possible). Alien Dalvik is trying to prove that the platform shouldn’t matter, leveling the field so we can have the freedom of choice. Please tell me how that isn’t a good thing?

  • N900_user

    “There’s nothing really available for Maemo/MeeGo that can’t be done with Android” – voice + video chat on google supported natively (weird that google’s android doesn’t do so huh ), voice + video chat on skype supported natively, all this on 3G in case you don’t know. None of that network specific bull****.
    Awesome conversations app that smoothly integrates all (i mean all) messages into one place. The list is quite long, so I’m going to stop here. Stop commenting on phones that you have absolutely idea about.

  • Blopa


  • Henkie

    Like android can run linux arm application like the n900 can.
    Or can even remotely match the speed of native linux apps on the n900.

    Even openoffice runs on the n900.

  • Tw

    LOL “Windows 95 or Quake 3 on the N900 was neat, when in reality it isn’t really practical. At all. In short: NERDS!”

    I got XP / XPE running on my N900 using bochs

    • Claudio Gomes

      very cool

  • N900 is simply amazing from the perspective of software, you can easily hack into any wireless network, play music on a radio without any extra gadget or cable while Android or iPhone users can just dream about stuff like these.

    The screen and interface sucks but don’t forget that this phone starts to get old.
    If Maemo would be better designed and it would integrate something like Dalvik Turbo so Android apps would run even better than on an Android phone with Maemo (MeeGo), it would be a way more amazing phone than Galaxy S or iPhone.

    It’s huge compared to the Galaxy S2 but it still knows a lot more.

    • antman8969

      what do you mean “hack into any wireless network”? That makes no sense…
      Because you can download traceroute and nmap? And what are you going to do once you find out that your default gateway is and ssh is being served on port 22? Try and guess the password?………….

      • VanDeof

         ey bro antman.. no offense! your the one who is making no sense.. LOL! have you heard about aircrack?? try searching it if you never heard about it.. :)) and its compatible with n900

        • Anonymous

           You idiot no one uses WEP anymore. You are welcome to try and hack my 8 character WPA2 password. I will even give you a head start with telling you the subnet and all the open ports. Get back to me in 10 years when your phone will probably be dead and useless.

          Just because you heard something cool like Aircrack-ng doesn’t mean you should go around and post crap like that. Here are more cool words for you. Backtrack, kismet, wireshark, nmap, beef, hydra. Go be cool

      • VanDeof

         ey bro antman.. no offense! your the one who is making no sense.. LOL! have you heard about aircrack?? try searching it if you never heard about it.. :)) and its compatible with n900

      • Deviant art

        hmmm…i think antman… is one of the ”wanna be hacker” guy..lmao! he does not make any sense at all:P

      • Claudio Gomes

        Yes, we try to guess the password…. with aircrack-ng! 
        It runs on the N900 like a charm wherever you are

  • Bar666

    the only internet device with cellphone is the n900 all the rest are phones with internet ect.
    the n900 is more of a tiny pc with linux then a phone at all

  • Cats Eye_eifty

    Which software may i download for nokia n900 to go for android

  • Or, you know, I have an N900, it does what I need it to, my provider doesn’t seem to upgrade to anything with a proper keyboard for cheap and I don’t have the money to buy a new phone outright purely so I can use android apps.

  • Jaznynet

    how can i download

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