Hands-on: Samsung Galaxy S 2 at Mobile World Congress 2011 – Dual-core, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, TouchWiz 4.0 UI

Hands-on photos of the Samsung Galaxy S 2
Hands-on photos of the Samsung Galaxy S 2

So, Samsung just announced the next-generation Galaxy S phone and we we able to get some hands-on time with the new Galaxy S 2 and this thing is quite impressive.

The first thing to jump out at you is how thin and light the Galaxy S 2 is, as it’s only 8.49-millimeters thick and its incredibly light in your hands. Like the Galaxy Tab 10.1, it has a dimpled back that makes it more ergonomic to grip, and also lends a more premium feel to the device.

Like with the Infuse 4G, the Galaxy S 2 has a Super AMOLED Plus display and it’s quite bright and vibrant. Text looks brilliant and photos and videos really pop out of the screen.

It’s not a revolutionary change from the original but the Galaxy S 2 does take some smart evolutionary steps in the design to make it feel like a standout device. The front-facing camera rests atop the screen and, like the original one, the face only has three Android buttons with the search key put to the wayside (the U.S. variants had four buttons).

Inside, it’s a different story, as the Galaxy S 2 rocks a dual-core processor that enables it to do things like record video in full 1080p HD. This should also enable some great gaming, as the company is pushing the gyroscopic and accelerometer controls as a way to bring Android gaming to a new level.

Thankfully, the Samsung Galaxy S 2 will launch with Android 2.3 and a customized user interface. This latest version of the Android software will enable the device to take advantage of NFC capabilities, as well as let it gain access to the overall performance improvements.

This Android smartphone also has the TouchWiz 4.0 UI, Samsung’s custom skin for its Android devices and it features a variety of tweaks. You get a more customizable homescreen, an app tray that has been refined to include a 3D rotating effect and the company has put a stronger emphasis on its hubs.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S 2 is a great-looking and performing smartphone and it is bringing the super phone game up another notch. Let’s see how the competitors react.

  • But it is still Android. Expect another device like it with minor tweaks in a week.

  • ddmo

    Agreed. We also gave it a spin at MWC , and it rocks.These new Android devices are serious contenders in the Smartphone race and are just getting better and better, and quickly.

  • Gillybean

    Hi Intomobile, love your videos on youtube – much better than some other reviews out there. I need a bit of advice and I trust your website and the people that post on here. I want to upgrade from my blackberry 8900 curve, I would like the google nexus s but the LG optimus 2x is avail. to pre-order this month in UK and the galaxy s2 is rumored to be out April. Should I wait for one of these or get nexus s?

    I really want a new phone and the big advantage of nexus s is that it will always have latest software. The downside is that it doesn’t record or play high quality HD videos does it? I am not too bothered about dual-core as the nexus will no doubt be fast enough for me as I have put up with my slow blackberry for the last 18months. Also I’m not a gamer so I guess that’s probably the point of the dual core function.

    I want a phone that I can watch HD quality films on it but don’t want a phone as large as the HTC HD7 which is out here now. The HDMI output in the galaxy s2 and optimus 2x is pretty cool but won’t be used by me probably until after the summer at least as I don’t have an HDTV at the moment. The thing is with our phone contracts in UK you normally sign up for at least 12months on a poorer quality carrier or for 18/24months on a high quality carrier like T-mobile/Orange etc so my main problem is that I want something that is going to last me 2 years. I guess the NFC technology will help the Nexus S last as Orange and Mastercard are launching NFC systems in the UK this year. Would it be better in the long run to just wait another 2 months and get galaxy s2??

    thanks x

  • The Samsung Galaxy S2 is definitely a highly anticipated
    phone and it’s no wonder, with the dual core processor, HD 1080p camera, and
    1GB of Ram this phone is going to be epic. I cannot wait to get this phone,
    especially since I have an employee Sling receiver from DISH Network. With the
    Sling receiver, I can stream live and recorded TV to my android handset
    wherever I have 3G coverage or WiFi. This phone is going to be the best with the Sling receiver since its running on T-Mobile’s 4G network.

  • Sharkbait707

    Went from evo to photon. Loved the evo hated the photon and traded in for new galaxy. What an awsome phone. I have only had ita couple of hours but am very pleased so far. If you like the evo you will he very happy with this phone.

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