Android Market YoY Growth Hits 861%, iPhone App Store Still Tops

IHS has just published some research on much revenue was made through the Android Market, iPhone App Store, Nokia Ovi Store, and BlackBerry App World in 2010. Predictably, the iPhone App Store is still the king of the hill with $1.7 billion in revenue, but they’ve lost some market share since 2009 (82% vs. 92%). The study projected that half of the App Store’s revenues would be coming from the iPad by 2014, which seems likely enough. The BlackBerry App World was in second place, claiming a 7.7% share and $165 million, Nokia’s Ovi Store sat at 4.9% and $105 million, leaving the Android Market at 4.7% and $102 million. The study also said games counted for about 52% of revenue in 2010, and 24% of apps in North America used the freemium model, with 50% projected for 2014.

I was a little surprised to see BlackBerry take the number two spot, but App World’s prices are notoriously high. Regardless, the difference in market share between the bottom three app stores is negligible considering how monstrous of a lead Apple has. That’s not to say the others are suffering at all – every market is seeing excellent year-over-year growth, especially Android. I would have expected to see the Android Market higher up on the chart, considering the Market isn’t that far behind the number of iOS apps now, but clearly there’s not necessarily a direct translation between how many apps a platform can pull and if the devs are making money. Google has already said that they aren’t particularly happy with how the Android Market is doing in sales.

Windows Phone and webOS don’t make an appearance on the chart, but I’m sure it won’t be long until they start claiming their own slices of the pie.

[via IHS]

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