Microsoft shows off the interconnected future Windows Phone

Windows Phone
Windows Phone

Microsoft Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Craig Mundie, showcased some new technology during a recent TechForum event for news media. His presentation demonstrated the use of a Windows Phone handset, supposedly the HTC HD7, to control the user interface of a computer. If you look beyond the UI beyond being presented, the phone is serving as to control as well as share data with the computer. This demonstration is only the tip of the iceberg of what may be possible when the computer becomes the natural extension of the phone and it is this type of synergy that Microsoft has been talking up since it introduced WP7 in 2010.

A second video also shown below highlights the cross-interaction between your environment, Windows Phone, a surface device, Kinect and other Microsoft technologies. This second video is a promotional video led by Mundie that demonstrates some of the advancements and discusses the philosophy behind the Research and Development group at the Redmond company. Windows Phone is a small part of this presentation but it does give you glimpse into the interconnected, always-aware future envisioned by Ballmer et al.

[Via Engadget and MobileTechWorld]

  • interesting in general. but i am not sure that this project will ever work in real life. this all sounds just like a desre to tell us that they are developing and are not going to stop. i can believe in this but not in the future of this device

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