Samsung EVP says Galaxy Tab 10.1 parts are ‘inadequate’ compared to iPad 2

Apple threw a huge wrench into Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 plans with the iPad 2, and now the manufacturer of the Android tablet needs to reconsider its options. Indeed, the mass hysteria for the second iteration of the iPad was unbelievable, but being thinner, lighter and more powerful than the first, it’s no surprise that the best-selling tablet is garnering the praise that it does.

Meanwhile, Apple’s competition is feeling a lot more heat. With slimmer and improved hardware – and two color options, a big deal for some – the iPad 2 outshines most Android tablets and even HP’s unreleased TouchPad. But where Apple really delivers the swift kick is in its pricing: despite improvements all around and the same “legendary” battery life, as Apple likes to call it, pricing also remains the same. For the different radio and storage capacity options on the new iPad 2, the pricing hasn’t changed when compared to the same options on the first model.

Samsung’s executive vice president, Lee Don-Joo, says, “We will have to improve the parts that are inadequate. Apple made it very thin.”

Now, that’s not to say that Samsung is feeling inadequate at all about its product – only that some parts aren’t up to snuff and will have to be replaced to compete with Apple. I admire Samsung’s honesty, and the fact that it’s not going to release something that it feels is “inadequate.” Kudos to Samsung for taking action instead of falling over and getting steamrolled by Apple – although that might end up happening, anyway.

[Via: Physorg]

  • Samsung always releases products with cutting-edge hardware. The problem is, their software ALWAYS – yes, I mean 100% of the time – is buggy as hell. GPS issues, can’t ever upgrade because the APIs were developed so horribly, using the wrong file system causing lag on what SHOULD be a ridiculously fast phone, etc. Samsung knows that it has to have the most amazing hardware in the market to overcome its shoddy reputation for software. I’m a staunch Apple hater, but I have about as much appetite to buy a Samsung wireless product as I do to buy an Apple one.

    • Mikewong27

      I totally agree with you on this. I think now Samsung should focus on improving their software and their software support. They should also drop the prices on all of their tablets coming out.

  • Anonymous

    “but being thinner, lighter and more powerful than the first, it’s no surprise that the best-selling tablet is garnering the praise that it does.”

    This statement is hilarious

  • Hopefully Samsung does not fall over. I like Samsung products and most of the products I have purchased from them are generally good. Hopefully they don’t end up falling over Apple and actually create something just as good as the iPad but at a lower price.

  • Very interesting article about Samsung’s Galaxy tablet

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