Some Cricket Wireless stores flashing CDMA iPhone 4 to work on their network

So you finally jumped on the iPhone 4 for Verizon, but still don’t want to pay the big bucks? Well, if you look in the right place, you may be able to get the handset up and running on Cricket Wireless. We’re hearing that some Cricket stores will flash your Verizon iPhone to work with their network – a procedure that isn’t exactly condoned by Cricket or Verizon.

Before you go running to the closest Cricket Wireless store, you should consider some of the factors. One such factor is that the store you go to could just tell you they won’t do it. Another thing to keep in mind is that you’ll have to jailbreak the device, and install some third-party software to get things running smoothly. Or, as smooth as they can get, at least.

Either way, if you’re not looking to pay large monthly bill with Big Red, this may be the perfect solution for you. That is if you don’t mind either paying the full price of the iPhone 4, or deal with an early termination fee that will cost you somewhere near 3.5 months of paying for Verizon’s plan.

You should also consider the fact that flashing the CDMA iPhone 4 to Cricket will kill off your 3G connectivity. That said, that may not be that big of a deal; it’s not LTE. Plus, you’ll still have WiFi, and probably be able to get some 2G goodness on the sexy handset. Either way, going from paying $100+ to nearly half of that sounds like a rather good tactic if you want a great phone, and not pay a lot.

We’re glad to see that CDMA users now have the option to go to another network, as many AT&T users have jailbroken and unlocked their iPhone to jump ship to T-Mobile for their cheaper plans. You may be sacrificing the nation’s best call quality,  but you’ll also be getting to keep a nice pile of cash in your pocket. And after two years of having the device, the savings may truly be worth it to you.

One thing you should also keep in mind is just because you bring the handset to another carrier, it doesn’t necessarily mean that some lingering issues will be solved.

[Via: Engadget]

  • Madjose21

    where did u get ur phone flashed? i’ve been looking around and it seems like no one even knows about it, and the place that did had me waiting for houirs and he didnt do a damn thing

    • Guest

      what city are you located? try craigslist first.

  • my sprint hero has 3G, and it runs on cricket. why wouldn’t a iphone?

  • guyinyoureye

    This guy has no idea what he is talking about, not to mention a poorly written article with no clear direction.

  • Dhfvsioop

    So the iphone 4 from verizon Wireless will work if flashed it to cricket ?

  • Dhfvsioop

    So the iphone 4 from verizon Wireless will work if flashed it to cricket ?

  • someoneawesome

    will it work for att iphone 4gs?

  • who can do this flashed it to cricket ?

  • 661victor

    could some one help me

  • Mike

    if you want to flash it to cricket, visit F l a s h i n g e x p e r t . c o m

    • Miguel R.

      Hey Mike, You seem to know a thing or two about flashing phones, so do you think its possible to switch to a cricket data plan from a verizon iPhone and still maintain 4g connection?

  • James_164007

    hi i have d IPhone 4 and wit AT&T is there a way i can get it to cricket?


      go to H2O WIRELESS unlimited everything $60.00

      • Stangfreak1984

        who go to straight talk for $45 a month

    • Leatrice51


    • erocthegreat

      dude lol forget cricket you can get it to h20 <<<<< and my opinion thats way better as its basically at&t alot cheaper version also.

    • Rionman

      No AT&T is a GSM network Cricket is a CDMA network (No sim card)

  • 2jfox

    DFS cdma tool can flash all apple devices to ANY operator

  • i have iphone4 from sprint how do i flash to cricket

  • hannah

    my iphone 4 broke and I am trying to use my friends iphone. the only problem is, is she has at@t I have Verizon. I am just wondering if I can use the sim card that is in a Verizon phone that I had and put it in the iphone and It work?

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