Path 1.5 now available, filters and sharing options galore

Path is very slowly, but surely rolling out updates to keep up with the times. The photo-sharing application was released late last year, but its feature set was pretty limited. Actually, it was very limited. At a time when Instagram and other photo-sharing apps were allowing users to post their photos to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and more, Path only let its users share photos with 50 recipients at a time. And they all have to be iPhone owners.

While nothing has changed in terms of the number of people with whom you can share photos in the app, Path has included Facebook connect so you can share pics with your friends on Facebook. You can also publish images straight to your Facebook wall, too. You can still share photos with your friends and family via e-mail.

Filters and lenses are all the rage these days, so Path 1.5 adds just that — lenses. You can filter your images to look like it was taken with a Diana camera or a Polaroid. You can pick up a few additional filters with in-app purchases, too, if retro-looking images are your thing, you PBR-drinking photobug, you.

There’s also an activity tab now, so you can see what your friends are doing on Path – sort of like the updated news feed in Instagram. The activity stream shows you which photos your friends share, photos that they comment on and which photos they see (the latter is such a huge stream that it can be a little obnoxious.

At the very least, Path seems to be headed in the right direction, and given its string of recent updates, it’s listening to its users and giving us what we want. I’m sure it will only get better from here.

Path is still 100% free in the iTunes App store, but for existing users the update should be available now.

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