T-Mobile bumps its 4G network up to 42 Mbps in select cities

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T-Mobile confirmed on Tuesday that it is bumping up its 4G network to 42 Mbps in select cities. Starting today, customers in Las Vegas, New York and Orlando, Florida (i.e, CTIA central) can enjoy double the network speeds of its slower 21 Mbps HSPA+ brethren. Soon after its launch, this higher speed network will debut in Chicago, Long Island, N.Y., and Northern New Jersey. By the middle of the year, T-Mobile hopes to blanket 140 million customers in 25 markets with this faster flavor of HSPA+.

One of the first devices to support this 42 Mbps network will be the T-Mobile Rocket 3.0. This USB stick is made by ZTE and will be available later this spring. Any T-Mobile customers looking forward to wireless download speeds that put many wired ISPs to shame?

Full press release with the launch information is available after the break.

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    No matter what news was announced this weekend, T-Mobile is still kicking and moving along, conducting business as usual. And on the very first day of CTIA 2011, business as usual is nice. Another announcement coming out of T-Mobile’s camp is the introduction of a new mobile hotspot device, laptop stick, and an announcement of which cities will get T-Mobile’s 42 Mbps HSPA+ 4G network enhancements. All of these are set to take place sometime in the Spring.

  • Enoel69

    I strongly hope Tmo will remain as an individual entity and the said deal w/Att should go up in flames and 3 billion Tmo will gain from the deal falling apart be used to improve more on the company. AS it stands now Tmo leads the industry in delivery speeds…they just need better advertisement to get more customers to jump onboard. Tmo doesn’t need to have 70 million customers to be successful…if they can get to 50-60 million i think they will do just fine. They just need to also be be more aggressive on their device selection. They will continue to inovate and lead the industry in lower cell n data rates (unlimited plans etc ) which in turn indirectly benifit cosumers on other carriers cz those carriers will also be forced to some how hold the line on their cell n data rates…a win win to all . Tmo + Att = NO DEAL(BAD FOR CONSUMERS AND BAD FOR COMPETITION)

  • I actually completely agree with your opinion. It’s so perfect. I think it’s necessary for me. Thank for help!

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