No iPhone announcement at WWDC 2011?

It has been like clockwork for Apple and the iPhone every year, but this year we might not see an iPhone in the summer. Instead, there is a possibility it won’t come until the fall. Apple has announced this morning that WWDC 2011 will take place on June 9, and the main focus will be iOS and Mac OS. With all the attention going to the two operating systems, just how much time will that leave Apple for an iPhone announcement? Probably not much.

If there isn’t an iPhone announcement at WWDC this year, it would make sense considering the release of the Verizon iPhone. Customers who purchased the CDMA model of the Apple smartphone in February might have felt a bit shafted if a new phone was announced right in June. I’m not saying that’s the reason, but it could have something to do with the odd, late winter release of a new model iPhone.

We already know that the next version of iOS will be previewed at WWDC, so we might not see it until the fall. If that’s the case, the launch of a new iPhone might coincide with it as well. With AT&T launching LTE in the summer, and Verizon expanding its already blazing fast 4G network, one has to wonder whether the new iPhone will be packing some of that 4G technology, too.

If you’re like me, and you’ve upgraded to the new version of the Apple smartphone every year during launch, this year might be the only one where you’ll have to hang onto your precious little gadget for more than 12 months. But this makes me wonder–how many of you are wanting to switch to an Android device? Is there a hot new handset like the HTC Thunderbolt tugging at you, waiting to see if you’ll be hopping onto another iPhone this summer?

[Via: AllThingsD]

  • Anonymous

    “… would make sense considering the release of the Verizon iPhone” – That’s a very stupid reason to say.

    It’s just that Apple is not ready!!

    • This is a very stupid thing to say. Are you honestly saying that Apple, the one company that is always on target, is not ready? As much as I love Android, how many times was the Thunderbolt delayed? How long have we been waiting for the now-dated, not-yet-released Merge? And how about those 2.2. updates for the Galaxy S line?
      If anything, Apple is the only manufacturer that IS ready.

      • Anonymous

        Didn’t mean anything of what you inferred. Time to market is always a challenge and everyone will have delays over what they wish to.
        My comment is primarily around release of Verizon iPhone with respect to release of next iPhone.

    • Anonymous

      I find it funny that you call my assessment stupid, and then make an equally unfounded assertion yourself. Did Apple say it wasn’t ready?

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