Verizon Spring Roadmap Features Motorola Bionic, Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, and More

Verizon’s planned launches for the next two months have leaked out in a spring roadmap. Some of the highlights include the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, the Motorola Droid Bionic, the LG Revolution, and the Samsung Galaxy S 2. Also making an appearance is the Casio Commando (a ruggedized Android handset), the Samsung Charge (a.k.a. Stealth), the HTC Trophy (a global Windows Phone),  and the Motorola Droid X 2. There are a handful of specific dates above, but as the header says, they’re all subject change.

The bulk of these handsets will be boasting LTE connectivity, which is good news if you’re in one of the 59 new markets Verizon is planning to roll out to by the end of the year.That’s a whole lot of Android, but Verizon’s first Windows Phone is a nice touch; they’ve been waiting since at least November to get something from Microsoft out the door. As a BlackBerry guy, it’s kind of hard to say which of the Android handsets are catching my eye the most (they all just kind of melt together), but are there any you guys are set on picking up?

[via Phandroid]

  • Honestly, none of these phase me. They’re not enough of an upgrade over last year’s phones for me to drop my Incredible.

  • Lcgrzy

    I have been waiting for the Trophy since last November and a Windows Phone 7 since January 2010. I do have to admit that the Motorola Bionic looks tempting.

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