Canada’s Public Mobile Launches First Data Service and Device, 15$ Unlimited Plan

Public Mobile is an often-overlooked underdog in Canadian wireless (even among the new no-contract entrants), but today they have announced their first data plan and device, meaning we might see them duking it out with Wind Mobile and Mobilicity in the near future. Public Mobile’s first steps into the wireless data world are modest: $5/month for unlimited e-mail on a new entry-level handset called the Buzz. Also as part of the announcement, Public Mobile is offering unlimited province-wide talk for $15/month. Not bad at all, eh?

Public Mobile is interesting because they’re taking a very different approach than all of the other major service providers in Canada. Instead of gunning for the top-tier, Public prides itself on having the most affordable plans and handsets (however basic they may be). Instead of trying to appeal to the techno-elite who want all the flash smartphones have to offer, they’re trying to make cellphones attainable for the masses (hence the company name).

Maybe this foray into data will change that a little bit, but if they could offer this same $5 unlimited e-mail on a cheap BlackBerry, like the Curve 8520 or 9300, Public Mobile could offer the best of both worlds. For now, they’ve only got networks in Montreal and Toronto, but have roaming coverage in a wider area for $0.15/minute.

The new $15 will be available tomorrow to new and existing customers, while the Buzz and e-mail plan will come out sometime next month. Anyway, here’s a cute video showing Public Mobile’s angle.

[via Public Mobile]

  • Lindeskog

    1 april joke?

  • gsm

    @simon you sure about texts being included in this new $15 plan

  • Stephen M

    I purchased a BUZZ yesterday from Public Mobile. I have to say, it’s the worst piece of garbage I have ever bought. The web browsing capabilities are practically useless. Navigation is poor and the menus are very poorly designed. If you’re thinking you are getting a blackberry alternative, think again. I am very disappointed with this phone.. I tried to return it, but apparently I spent 30 mins on the phone with tech support over why Google Maps doesn’t function. And, if you go over 30mins, no returns/refunds/exchanges… So, I’m stuck with the worst phone ever.. I should have dropped the 300$ on the Blackberry Curve, at least it doesn’t look like a 4yr old designed the GUI. And at least browsing websites isn’t impossible, like the BUZZ.
    Public Mobile shouldn’t buy China-made and designed garbage. You’ve been warned! (I wish I was…) 

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