Nokia on schedule with Windows Phone 7 deal

Nokia, Windows Phone 7 deal 'on schedule'
Nokia, Windows Phone 7 deal 'on schedule'

The Nokia, Windows Phone 7 deal has the potential to be a major game-changer and the world’s largest handset maker said that the negotiations are “on schedule.”

That’s right, despite the hubbub about the Nokia, Windows Phone 7 deal, Microsoft and the handset maker haven’t finalized the deal and signed the major contracts. To be fair, there is a lot to work out, as Nokia will reportedly get 1 billion to adopt the Windows Phone 7 platform.

“Negotiations have progressed very well. They will be concluded well on schedule,” Kai Oistamo, head of corporate development at Nokia, told Reuters.

This hasn’t stopped the handset maker from getting down to business, as Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said the company is already working on Windows Phone 7 devices. Still, the fact that the deal is taking so long to complete is causing some to question how quickly this marriage will bear fruit.

Nokia has still been able to pump out solid hardware but the Symbian operating system has been sorely lacking when it comes to user interface over the last few years. Say what you will about Windows Phone 7 and its update schedule but it is a fresh, new take on mobile computing and I can’t wait to see what happens.

The deal will also be beneficial for Microsoft and Windows Phone 7, too. Nokia will be contributing software back to Microsoft and I’m very excited about this because I think it could lead to an amazing Bing Maps experience on the go.

I still think that Google Maps for mobile is the best mobile mapping experience out there but Nokia’s Ovi Maps isn’t too far behind, as it also offers free, turn-by-turn directions. When you combine this with the strong voice integration with Bing Maps, then you’re looking at a strong way to help you navigate.

Any bets on how long it will take for the world’s largest handset maker to pump out a Windows Phone 7 device?

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