Samsung Galaxy Tab gets unofficial Android 3.0 Honeycomb port

The NOOKcolor is no longer the only tablet to sport the SDK-based Honeycomb ROMs, as the Samsung Galaxy Tab has just received the unofficial Honeycomb treatment. While it may not be the most stable ROM out there, it’ll certainly occupy you for the time being, and give you one of the first unofficial tastes of Honeycomb on your pocket-able tablet.

For the most part, SDK-based ROMs aren’t as reliable as ROMs based on the actual source code. That said, the Galaxy Tab running Android 3.0 doesn’t look all that bad, and dare we say, it’s actually usable. To what extent is unknown, but we’d have a hard time not trying it out for ourselves. Like most Honeycomb ports we’ve seen before,  this won’t become your daily ROM, but is usable enough to have some fun with.

ROMs like this will likely become the norm until Google does decide to release the source code for Android 3.0. This is to say that the search giant doesn’t take measures to block Honeycomb from other devices, and that developers want to put the effort into performing such feats. Spacemoose1 is one such developer, and we applaud him for giving CDMA Galaxy Tab users out there something to play with.

It’s an interesting time to be an Android hacker/modder today, as we know Google is throwing down the gauntlet and getting more strict with its mobile OS. Just how far Google will go to lock down Android – even if its “for the benefit of the user,” is up for debate. One question does loom with Google putting down it’s fist, and that’s just how fun Android will be if developers and hackers alike can’t tweak the OS like before. That said, Google could just be waiting to really polish up the OS before releasing Honeycomb’s source code to the public, and with the rumor of what Android Ice Cream may bring to the table, that strategy may work out.

Whatever the case may be, those of you holding onto a CDMA Galaxy Tab now have a semi-working Honeycomb ROM waiting for you. Keep in mind that there are risks involved with installing this ROM, so proceed with caution. Have fun!

[Via: AndroidCentral, XDA]


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    So is it more stable now?

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