Springpad opens up its note-taking platform

Springpad, the note-taking service that wants to put your notes in context, is opening up its platform with a launch of the Springpad API. Still in private beta, it allows developers to more easily interface with Springpad and build apps on top of the Springpad platform.

I’m eager to see what developers can make out of Springpad. One could envision some kind of shopping sites, relying on Springpad’s capability to fetch prices from various sources. Moreover, a task management service could also be created, again using Springpad’s built-in functionality.

In comparison, Evernote (probably the single most popular note-taking service) has been offering its API for quite some time.

Finally, Springpad also enhanced email and added support for RSS feeds. The former allows users to save anything they want to remember via email, while the latter enables subscribing to any particular notebook to keep up with the changes via RSS reader or even a calendar app (presuming we’re talking about calendar data)…

There you have it folks. As you know, you can access Springpad from web and a mobile app, which is available for few of the popular platforms. Developers can learn more about their API from here.

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