Atari’s Greatest Hits for iOS Features 100 Classic Titles

Atari's Greatest Hits for iOS

Atari's Greatest Hits for iOS

I never had an Atari, although I always kind of wish I did… Thankfully, with the aid of my iPhone 4 that can all change, and I can check one more item off my geek-tastic ‘bucket list’… all thanks to the Atari Greatest Hits app for iOS. As you’d expect, the app delivers a whole bunch of retro gaming goodness, with lots of titles, and the ability to purchase separate game packs.

The only downer here? Yeah, you guessed it… there’s really not much freebie action going on. While the app is a free download, all you get for your troubles is PONG… and while it will surely amuse you for a few minutes, it does grow tired kinda fast. Let’s face it, it’s PONG!

That said, there is a lot more gaming action to be had if you’re willing to spend a little bit of money. 18 classic Atari arcade games are available, and 92 Atari 2600 games are up for grabs. Many games feature Bluetooth multiplayer, allowing you to set up some head-to-head action with your friends.

The number of 3 and 4 game packs is staggering, so I’m not going to list them all here. However, Atari has done a great job of grouping them into relevant sets. You’ll find packs like the Asteroid pack, Centipede pack, Casino pack, Hangman pack, and more. Each pack is available for $0.99.

To top it all off, if you love the games and feel the desire to grab them all, you can save $10 by buying all 100 games for only $14.99. Not bad, especially if you grew up playing these classic titles.

Atari’s Greatest Hits (Free) [iTunes link]

Note: Atari’s Greatest Hits is compatible with both the iPhone and iPad. Grab it now and get your game on.

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