GetGlue Check-In Social Network Hits 1 Million Users

GetGlue, an app for BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android that lets you check in to just about anything, just crossed the 1 million user milestone. To mark the occasion, they’ve released a bevvy of stats in a pretty interesting infographic format. The Oscars produced 31,000 check-ins, which is GetGlue’s peak of activity, but on a daily basis, they estimate 30 million Facebook friends and Twitter followers are reached by check-ins. During primtime TV, there are 10 check-ins every second. All of that creates something of 500,000 unique data points every day, which is no doubt juicy information for advertisers.

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, GetGlue is a social network for sharing the stuff that you’re into. When you’re watching a TV show, going out to a movie, reading a book, playing a video game, watching a sport, or indulging in just about any kind of entertainment, GetGlue lets you update your friends on Facebook and Twitter with your interest. As a social network in and of itself, you can earn stickers by showing your loyalty to particular shows, leave comments, and make friends.

The full infographic on the next page, and if you want to download the mobile apps, you can find them in the BlackBerry App World, Android Market, or the iPhone App Store below.

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