Skype for Android is a security disaster

When Skype Video app leaked out for the HTC Thunderbolt, many were ecstatic to make video calls over the super-fast Verizon 4G LTE network but you may want to wait a awhile to try it, as a new report suggests this has a bad security vulnerability. How bad? Well, it looks like the Skype Video app can be exploited to give bad guys your real name, address, phone numbers and chat logs. Yikes.

Over at AndroidPolice, those good folks took apart the leaked Skype Video app and were appalled at how it stored private user data. You may think that using a leaked beta version is bound to come with some bugs but these folks say this is the same vulnerability that’s in the standard Skype Android app, which has more than 10 million users. The Skype Mobile for Verizon doesn’t appear to be impacted.

Apparently, the Skype Android app is keeping your private information in multiple sqlite3 databases with improper permissions. This means that a bad guy or gal can create a file which hooks into these to see your instant messages, names and more. Users would have to download another malicious app for this to happen but this is still quite a vulnerability.

I’ve put in a word with Skype about this alleged vulnerability and haven’t heard back as of press time. I’m real interested to hear what it has to say and I will update this as soon as I get word from the VoIP company.

This is just another sign that mobile security is not something to take lightly. It’s funny though, I know the dangers of this yet I still don’t bother with an anti-virus or malware software on my Android phone. What about you, friends?

Check out the video below for an example of the exploit.

[Via Android Police]

  • Hammams

    Battery life is already very weak on android devices. Imagine using an anti-virus. I would rather take the risk.

  • Anonymous

    would an anti virus work? thought a firewall would work…

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