T-Mobile G2x now available to purchase online

It’s finally here, folks. The T-Mobile G2x is now available to purchase online. The much-anticipated variant of the LG Optimus 2X has the guts to make virtually any handset around feel a little self-conscious and now it can be yours.

While some of you may be waiting it out to see what the HTC Sensation is all about, the G2x is one powerful beast that can go toe-to-toe easily with its upcoming comrade. Some may like the Sensation’s larger, qHD display, and some may be looking into HTC’s new flagship handset for its software experience, Sense. That said, the G2x sports NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 dual-core CPU, making it one of the fastest phones around, as well as the stock Android experience that T-Mobile has so lovingly thrown onto their G-series devices. So, while the handset may not sport a sexy skin like HTC Sense, the G2x won’t get bogged down because of the extra RAM used for certain UI elements. Then again, it’s pretty hard to make the Tegra 2 get bogged down, even with heavy use.

If you’re not looking to cough up the extra money for shipping the handset, you can wait until the 20th, where the handset will be available in stores. But if you just can’t wait, you can grab the thing online and pay for the express shipping to get the phone in your hands a few days before it hits T-Mobile’s non-virtual shelves. Judging from the Optimus 2X review, we posted a while back, there’s a lot to like about this handset and users will be very pleased with the handset’s performance.

The hacker’s out there will be happy to know that the Optimus 2X is seeing some progress with custom ROMs already, and we’d expect to see the same for the G2x when it gets into the hands of the developers. The two handsets are virtually identical but the G2x ships with the stock Android experience and support for T-Mobile’s and AT&T’s HSPA+ networks, so it won’t become a useless EDGE only handset after the acquisition takes place next year.

Some are reporting that they have already received tracking numbers for their orders. I received my tracking number this morning but UPS can’t find the shipment at the moment. This likely means the orders have been processed, but haven’t physically shipped just yet. When they do, you can stalk the UPS website, tracking your package every five minutes all you want.

Did you order your G2x yet?

Hit up the link below to give T-Mobile your money for the powerhouse of a handset.

[Via: T-Mobile]


  • This phone comes out tomorrow and I am going to be getting one! I am due for an upgrade soon. The G2X looks like it is all about speed, especially with that dual core processor. As soon as I do, the next phone that I am going to get will be the DISH Remote Access app. As a DISH Network customer and employee, I have been using the app and the 922 SlingLoaded receiver for a long time. The app streams live TV and recorded shows from my 922 SlingLoaded receiver. That means anywhere that I am, I can watch TV on my phone! Let me tell you, TV is just not at its best until you can take it with you! It is one great app and I think it will be perfect for the G2X!

  • aramaanda

    Hi. Which site do u recommend for purchasing the phone online? I’m living outside the states & we don’t even have t-mobile here so I can’t subscribe to any service plan. I just need to buy d phone & have it shipped to me at the lowest cost possible!

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